Pis'mo ot letuna CH-47 v Iraqe

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NZ TEXOCMOTP #04.11.2003 01:23



Vzyal s odnogo foruma.

Hey uncle rich, I'm doing well considering. The chinook that went down came from our post, the unit is right next door to us. I didn't know the crew personally but it's a real morale buster to hear that. It's our worst fear out here. Dont' believe what the news says though which I'm sure you know. I can't talk about it which I'm sure your well aware of as well. It's a relief writing to you because I don't have to explain my reasonings for things that go on out here. You know exactly what I can and cannot explain...hehe. Things are getting pretty hairy out here lately. Deaths seem to be getting closer and closer to our post. I had a close call with a mortar about 3 weeks ago. Didn't know if you heard or not. Landed about 70 yards behind me while I was driving away from the traffic circle that it hit and I had just left from. All you can do out here is just realize the threat is real and stay on your feet. Mortar attacks are just random and hard to trace. We've got a makeshift force of 2000 marines because the 4th ID is switching out with someone...dont' know who. So I feel pretty safe. If anyone is watching my ass I'd rather it be marines. Well I better get running for the moment. Stuff to do around here. These birds don't fly by themselves. Good hearing from yall as always. Take care!

Padon bez perevoda, mozhet kto iz pindosov mestnyh perevedet. U menya vremeni ne ochen' mnogo.
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04.11.2003 19:37, SergeVLazarev: -1: мудак.....

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